Monday, October 10, 2011

Holder's DOJ: THE Issue for '12?

Christian Adams' book "Injustice" is out.  A reviewer has this:

...I believe Injustice may be the most important American publication this year. Simply, the book details quite specifically how the U.S. DOJ has been corrupted, hijacked might be a more appropriate term, by so-called “progressive” ideology to the extent that it no longer functions remotely as a genuine Department of Justice, but as something out of Orwell’s Animal Farm or Ugo Betti’s Corruption in the Palace of Justice. Just as in Orwell, justice is selectively and unequally applied and, as in Betti, the fish rots from the top.

So--this is more important than the economy?  Stomping ObozoCare into the ground?  Fixing SocSec/Medicare?   Nuking EPA and the Department of "Education"  Jobs for Clueless OverEducated Morons? Utterly demolishing the Progressive Movement?  Ending Banksta' Rule?

Yup.  Ask any lawyer or jurist--or any LEO at any level.

Once the 'rule of law' is corrupted and subverted, all bets are off.  ALL of 'em.


Anonymous said...

Christian Adams says Herman Cain is needed to correct this?????

Anonymous said...

Thomas Chong knows a thing or two about selective enforcement and the rule of law.

Let them eat pizza...