Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey Rush!!! It's Reince--With a Long "I"

Now that the matter of pronunciation is settled (I'm sure Rush will pick this up...heh) let's ask the pertinent question:

Has Reince been co-opted by the RINO bloc?

That would be unlikely.  Reince's gang swept Wisconsin because Reince's gang largely embodied or adopted one TEA Party principle:  spend less money

(We wait for the 'smaller government' part, but are perfectly happy to get out and swing a few Gadsden flags if it doesn't happen soon.)

Anyhooo.  Reince is RNC Chair because he was good at reading TEA leaves (heh).  To claim that Reince is now part of the RINO/Establishment/BigGummint crowd is a stretch.

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