Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Gov't Accountability Board's Contribution

The GAB, which has been consistent in its leftward lean, is not wholly without redeeming value.

Here's the redeeming value.  A database of all lobbyists, and lobbying efforts and positions, accompanied by a short description of the bill(s) at play.

First thing you'll notice is that there is an 'organization' for everything.  I expect that One-Eyed Left-Handed Chipmumk Trappers will be represented by next week.

(You'll also note that the Ambulance Chasers are very active; they call themselves the Wisconsin Ass'n for Justice.  Cute--because they're also lobbying to increase DOUBLE small-claims court filing fees.  Keeps all those pro-se schmecks out of the way, you see.   HabushHabushHabushHabush can afford that, why can't you?)

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