Thursday, October 13, 2011

Even MORE Recalls

I've been a defender of last summer's recall elections on the grounds that Act 10 (the real reason) created a significant change in compensation for public employees AND that the P.E. sector was about 10% of the State's working population.  IOW, Act 10 was a Big Deal.

Now, then.  The Democrats lost; they are still minorities in the Ass'y and the Senate.  If the State's voters had really wanted to reverse Act 10--or give Walker a signal that he's being a bad boy--they'd have been more kind to (D) candidates.

They weren't.
That hasn't deterred the (D) folk from going after Walker & Kleefisch--which I think will fail.

And as it turns out, that hasn't deterred them from going after other (R) leggies, either.

They'll fail on all of 'em; the momentum is no longer with them and the efforts look spiteful, at best.  But that's fine; let them spend the money and the energy before Obozo loses in November, too.


TerryN said...

It's gonna be close but not close enough.

Anonymous said...

Who will the Kochs give their money to after Scooter gets run outta town?