Saturday, October 08, 2011

Carping About iPads

If Scott Walker steps on his neighbor's lawn, there'll be a "TRESPASSING SCANDAL!!!" headline from Bice.

But Walker didn't.  So instead, we get this:

...The newly created Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has dropped a little more than $43,000 to buy 73 iPads for everyone on the staff, including secretaries and other support employees.

Officials said the agency paid a little more than $660 for the iPads with 3G service and slightly less than $490 for those with WiFi, according to agency officials.

Toss in the activation fees and the monthly cost for 3G service for 35 of the iPads, and the cost rises to just about $60,000 for the year.

OMG!  The quasi-public agency responsible for crisp, up-to-the-minute, interstate (and international) business development and communications has purchased...........ahhhhh..........crisp, up-to-the-minute, business-communications devices!!!  And they activated them, and will pay monthly fees, too!!


The editorial department went shopping at Best Buy and found laptops for $400.00.  "So, HAH!" they scribble.  EconDevel is a bunch of wastrels!!  Budget-busters!!  Drunken Sailors!!

Machines are purchased according to their purpose.  One doesn't buy a 24" lawn mower for a 2-acre lawn, nor a bicycle for winter driving in Milwaukee.  It's entirely possible that EconDevel knows what they're doing.

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