Sunday, October 02, 2011

And They Told Us This Guy Is "Smart"???

Obozo meets a Bakken investor.

When it was Mr. Hamm’s turn to talk briefly with President Obama, “I told him of the revolution in the oil and gas industry and how we have the capacity to produce enough oil to enable America to replace OPEC. I wanted to make sure he knew about this.”

The president’s reaction? “He turned to me and said, ‘Oil and gas will be important for the next few years. But we need to go on to green and alternative energy. [Energy] Secretary [Steven] Chu has assured me that within five years, we can have a battery developed that will make a car with the equivalent of 130 miles per gallon.’” Mr. Hamm holds his head in his hands and says, “Even if you believed that, why would you want to stop oil and gas development? It was pretty disappointing.”  --Powerline quoting WSJ

One wonders if the Dumbass-in-Chief knows anything about 1) lubricants; 2) plastics; or 3) petrochemicals--like the ones used to propel Air Force One.  The utterly vapid dismissal of petroleum as 'merely car-fuel' betrays an ideological fixation which is astonishing.

But then, he's also proved that his ideology over-rides his 'smarts' on the Constitution, too.

We have here a President who is utterly ignorant of the basics, and determined to demolish the country to prove that he's right.


Deekaman said...

The "green energy" bunch apparently can't do math and is devoid of the ability to come to a logical conclusion.

Either that or they are nefarious and attempting to destroy the US economy.

neomom said...

I'll take the nefarious attempt to destroy the US economy for $4T Deekaman.

There is no way everyone in the Oministration is that stupid. It has to be intentional.

Jim said...

I guess I missed the part where the president said we would never need any oil again.

Deekaman said...

His actions are speaking far louder than his words.

neomom said...

Just part of his plan to make energy prices necessarily skyrocket Jim.

Permitorium on gas/oil wells? Check!

New EPA regs to force shut down of up to 20% of coal plants? Check!

Waste billions of taxpayer dollars on solar boondoggles? Check!

Waste more billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize wind farms with turbines built in China? Check, Check!

All this will help the poor and the unemployment rate, right?