Thursday, September 15, 2011

WaPo's "5 Myths" Misses on One

WaPo runs a Klein article describing "5 Myths" about the Solyndra fail.

Here's #3:

The government should leave energy R&D to the private sector. Actually, there’s reason to think the private market is drastically under-investing in new energy technology. As a new report from the American Energy Innovation Council lays out, the utility sector spends just 0.1 percent of its revenues on R&D — the average for U.S. industries is 3.5 percent....

Umnnhhhh.....the "utility sector" doesn't really DO 'energy research.'  That's not their job. Their job is to deliver the stuff.  There IS 'energy research' being done by the private sector, and the Gummint, too.  But not "utilities."

For that matter, Klein mentions 'defense research'; I'd be willing to bet that some of that research is on energy issues.

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