Friday, September 16, 2011

Cantor, the Brutus-Wannabe

The #2 House-critter is Eric Cantor (R) New Jersey Virginia.

It's becoming clear that Cantor doesn't really like Conservatives, nor spending restraint.

...Heritage Action for America is so worthless in fact that House Republican Leadership staffers are forced to give anonymous quotes to Washington newspapers about how no one listens to HAFA. By the way, the sources are most likely from Eric Cantor’s Office (HAFA Score: 60%)....

(As a comparison, Ron Johnson's HAFA score is 84%; Sensenbrenner's is 71%, and Baldwin's is 16%).

Cantor and Boehner rammed through a mini-spendulus bill early this week which over-spent the Ryan Budget Committee's recommendations.

Cantor is now pulling the Brutus Act, which can have consequences.

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Jim said...

Isn't Cantor from Virginia?