Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ozone Causes Asthma? BS

Wherein we identify various and sundry $Zillion-dollar waste programs by "method of institution."

You'll read all about the "Ozone causes asthma" claim in the next couple of weeks as all the Usual Suspects begin to print/distribute/wail-and-gnash-teeth over the results.

Too bad that it follows the usual (EPA)-funded protocol:  1)  invent a problem, 2)  spend lotsalotsa OPM on the "solution."  Exactly the formula for creating TSA, GunRunner-Fast/Furious, and the Department of Education, not to mention a number of D of Defense programs and Global "Warming."

Milloy has the goods.  Key?

...Now if you look at the table entries under “8-hour ozone level (ppb)”, you’ll notice that, with the exception of the odds ratio for “≥100 vs. <50″, all the odds ratios are statistically insignificant (i.e., confidence intervals bound the no-effect level of 1.0 and the p-values all exceed 0.05).

So, in reality, the Tolbert study shows no statistical association between ozone levels up to 99 ppb and emergency room visits for asthma. Further the 99-ppb level is 65% to 138% greater than the ozone levels projected in the 14 counties for 2020....

It's damned hard to make up a story which is internally consistent.  Ask any cop.

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