Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Obozo, the "Outsider"? PuhLeeez!!

New meme:  Obama will run against "Washington DC."

Obama is truly at sea here. He desperately wants to defend the role of government while at the same time denouncing the seat of government. He wants to cast himself as a problem solver while complaining that he’s incapable of solving any problems. He wants to cast himself as centrist while letting Jimmy Hoffa be his surrogate. He wants to run “Washington” but he doesn’t want people to think he’s part of “Washington.” He wants to rise above politics while at the same time suggesting that anyone who disagrees with his policies doesn’t care about the country. He wants to foment disgust with the “Washington” he helped to create while at the same time insisting that he be allowed to keep his job for another four years.

OK.  Go for it, Obama.

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