Thursday, September 08, 2011

Not Cheerful

Lileks, through AOSHQ, through Old Mill, yadayada

Because that old world is over. . . .

A half-century experiment in draping steam­ship anchors around the necks of the productive class and expecting them to run a four-minute mile has ended in failure. The confiscation of rights and property, the moral impoverishment of generations caused by the state’s usurpation of parental obligations, the elevation of a credentialed elite that believes academia’s fashions are a worthy substitute for knowledge of history and human nature, and above all the faith in a weightless cipher whose oratorical panache now consists of looking from one teleprompter screen to the other with the enthusiasm of a man watching someone else’s kids play tennis–it’s over, whether you believe in it or not. It cannot be sustained without reducing everyone to penurious equality, crippling the power of the United States, and subsuming the economy to a no-growth future that rations energy.

To which some progressives respond: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

The red-highlighted areas are most important.  Teh Won is merely a load of crap on the street, left by the elephants in the room.


jimspice said...

"...usurpation of parental obligations..."

What about immunization mandates? Polio, measles, mumps, diptheria, hepatitus? If left entirely up to voluntary compliance, the deaths from preventable diseases since the 1950s would put abortion to shame.

Dad29 said...

You can PROVE that, of course....


There's a more general 'usurpation' which has to do with the separation of parents from their natural authority. This is found in the 'education' establishment. It'll take too long to think/pull down/regurge all the instances external to 'education,' but there are quite a few.

neomom said...

How about busing all students to school - even if close enough to walk, ride bike, etc.

Or feeding them all breakfast.

Or giving them birth control - condoms, the pill, and abortions without parental consent. Never mind that a kid can't even have a Tylenol without a permission slip.

jimspice said...

I know there are about 1.25 million abortions in the U.S. each year, but I can't find any good stats for how many deaths are prevented via immunization. I'll keep it in the back of my head.