Thursday, September 08, 2011

"...And In the Other Corner...."

The Pubbies don't have to "respond" to Teh Won's blather tonight.

Instead, Boehner brought in the heavyweights.

Spencer Weitman is the President of National Cement, which recently suspended construction of a new $350 million cement kiln in Ragland, AL due to regulatory obstacles

Rock Katschnig is a corn and soybean farmer of 32 years from Prophetstown, IL. Hurt by a stream of harmful federal regulations, Katschnig appealed to President Obama at an Atkinson, IL town hall last month, pleading, “Please don’t challenge us with more rules and regulations from Washington D.C. that hinder us.” 

Eric Treiber is the CEO of Chicago White Metal Casting, a third-generation family-owned die casting company employing 250 workers in suburban Chicago. Jobs at White Metal Casting are being threatened by increased costs associated with excessive federal regulations, in particular Clean Air Act and utility MACT regulations

Lisa Ingram is the COO of White Castle, a 90-year old family-run company that serves signature “slider” hamburgers. Excessive federal regulations – current and proposed – have put a strain on White Castle, contributing to a plant closure in New Jersey and slowing the company’s ability to create new jobs.

And the CEO of Gibson Guitars will be the guest of a Tennessee Senator.

Wanna bet the MSM avoids these folks at all costs?

It would be a helluvalot more fun to have THESE people quizzing Obozo on national TV, no?


J. Strupp said...

This anecdotal stuff might be effective, but regulation still takes a backseat to lack of sales in terms of job growth.

And corn and soybean farmers should keep their complaints to themselves. I'm CERTAIN Uncle Sam has done more to help the American farmer via direct subsidies, tax breaks and ethanol mandates boosting commodity prices, land prices etc.

Dad29 said...

The farmer was alluding to the (now-dead) proposal from DoTrans to require CDL's for farm-trailers.