Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Just "Swat" a Bear

The guy is hospitalized.

According to the investigating deputy, 39-year-old Christopher Halfmann of De Pere was hunting with a group of friends Friday morning when he shot the bear. The bear then attacked Halfmann before running off.

Use >.30 caliber or larger (.45-70. .454 is nice, or .476 Rigby mag); always reload and fire until the bear stops.

Bears are dangerous game, period.


jimspice said...

I've only had bear a few times and have never liked it. Too greasy for my taste. Then again it could be more about the cook than the bear. We humans really don't make a habit of eating carnivores, do we? Or am I missing something. Fish don't count.

neomom said...

Wow - Darwin Award nominee....