Tuesday, September 06, 2011

An Important Reminder: Trigger Discipline

"Trigger discipline" may seem a bit arcane, but it is absolutely critical.

The Captain begins his essay with a report on an 'accidental death' of a citizen during a SWAT raid.  He demolishes the official report with his reminder about trigger discipline.

Now that Wisconsin has CCW, the essay is a must-read.

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Grim said...

As you may remember, my one-time eye doctor was also killed by a SWAT team member who had his finger on his trigger. The arrest was for gambling on sporting events, a nonviolent and quite minor offense. Though the doctor was known to be a mild-mannered professional, who was not in the habit of carrying arms, it apparently took the SWAT team to serve the warrant; and, ignoring this fundamental aspect of the responsibility inherent in carrying a firearm, they killed him.

Of course the incident was declared a regrettable accident, and the officer was not prosecuted for manslaughter as you or I would have been. It was just an accident that he had leveled his .45 at an unarmed man's chest, finger on the trigger.