Monday, August 08, 2011

The TEA Party Is the New George W Bush!

The MoronMeme of the day:  the S&P downgrade is all the fault of the TEA Party.

Evidently Obozo & Co. have worn out the "BUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!" meme.

It's also a damn stupid thing for them to do, by the way.

Now they've elevated the TEA Party's status by quite a bit.



jimspice said...

Wait a minute. Isn't Friedman's concept of "confidence" the factor which the neo-cons have been pitching as the true mover of the economy, and the factor with which we should be concerning ourselves.

Well, the TPers refusal to negotiate and compromise is what caused S&P to lose confidence that any real policy change is forthcoming. Or are you now just gonna cast off the whole thing and make believe it never mattered.

Anonymous said...

Turn out the lights...the tea party's over.

Dad29 said...

S&P's commentary is very clear: IT'S THE SPENDING, STUPID!!

The US cannot sustain 25% of GDP tax rate--and that's just for Federal tax.

By the way, US bonds and notes are selling like hotcakes; rates are declining.

We're the only alternative to the Swiss gummint.

jimspice said...

D29, the Bush tax cuts are specifically called out in the S&P statement. Why can't you guys EVER take and fault or responsibility?

Deekaman said...

Ah, Spicey-Man....why is "compromise" ALWAYS in the direction of bigger government, more spending and greater debt? TEA party Republicans are the only adults in the room here. Why doProgs feel the need to excoriate the only adults in the room? Why do Progs have so much trouble with tough decisions? Why do Progs feel the need to take other people's property and hand it over to their chosen constituency? Why does the President continue to vote "present" rather than lead?

Our fault, our responsibility in this is in allowing the children to run government for the last 70 years.

Anonymous said...


Comment on 2004SC006517 or STFU about taking responsibility.

J. Strupp said...

The compromise a couple of weeks ago was not in favor of bigger government.

You are witnessing how that's turning out right now in terms of U.S. growth prospects and equity re-valuations.

I've said a million times and I'll say it again: You can't cut debt in a contracting economy.

Which is where we're headed again it seems.

The Teaparty is focusing on the wrong problem. I don't fault them for that. I fault our leadership for listening to them.

jimspice said...

I have no idea what 2004SC006517 is. Provide a link or GFY.

Dad29 said...

If'n I were to guess, it's a case number from Wis Crim Justice website.

No, I did NOT post that. Frankly, I don't care.