Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spreading the Wealth Means YOU Pay for Obozo Campaigning

The "listening tour" on which our President Disaster is now engaged seems.........vaguely........political.

But because it's NOT POLITICAL--according to the White House--taxpayer's grandchildren will be paying off the $2.2 million buses.

Not even Jon Stewart can swallow that crap.

It's the TOTUS/POTUS spreading-the-wealth-in-my-direction thing. 


Anonymous said...

Of course he's campaigning. It's a daily thing for the executive branch, regardless of political party. So freaking what! Throughout their term, the president is out on the road, talking policies with the citizens.
And if the next president is a Republican, he/she will also be on the road trying to drum up support, and you won't hear a peep from me.

Regarding the new buses, they are now part of the permanent fleet of vehicles the Service uses to protect the president and other designated officials, which will include the Republican nominee when he/she is on the road. In the past, buses were leased and then retrofitted with the necessary security gadgets. Now it's one less worry for the Secret Service.

Dad29 said...

Uh huh. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:41 AM,

Tax spend, TAX spend, These folks will not stop robbing the Over Taxed Payer!!!

Perhaps the best respeonse to you is the Doorbell video. My children don't derserve this burden.
You obviously don't have children.

Here is the Link to the video:

Anonymous said...

Anony, I saw the video. As Dad29 stated so eloquently, "uh huh. Sure".

If you are so concerned about the children, which I have two grown sons of my own, teach them to learn how to think and make decisions for themselves by disseminating information from both liberal and conservative points of view, rather than parroting the party line. But, of course, moderates or compromises are the "enemy" or "unpatriotic" in the eyes of some people.

Jim said...

The child at the door can thank George W. Bush for the visitor who rings the doorbell. Bush policies added $5.07 Trillion dollars to the debt over his eight years. Obama's new policies will ad $1.44 Trillion over his eight years.