Monday, August 08, 2011

Senator Ron Johnson: Doing Exactly What He Was Sent To Do!

If'n you judge by the MSM/Bice kinda "reporting" you'd think that Ron Johnson was merely an obstructionist jerk when he blue-slipped an Obozo FedJudge nomination.

But then, if the MSM actually looked for 'the other side of the story'--as Bice counsels in his whine-of-the-day--you'd be very pleased with Senator RoJo's blue-slipping of Ms. Nourse.

So we'll give you the 'other side' of the story as reported by RedState.

...back in the days when Joe Biden was a bad Senator instead of a bad Vice President, he had a staffer named Victoria Nourse. Ms. Nourse’s major claim to fame was ‘helping’ to write the (later deemed partially-unconstitutional) Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that was one of Senator Biden’s signature pieces of legislation...

Because Biden "forgot" to acknowledge Nourse's work, he owed her a favor.  Lo and Behold!  A FedJudge job popped up!  Just perfect for someone who writes partly-un-Constitutional laws, right?

So – despite the fact that Ms. Nourse was not actually a member of the Wisconsin bar at the time; and despite the fact that she was and is a hardcore judicial activist...

(Wait a second.  You mean that a non-Wisconsin Bar member can be a FedJudge?  Hell, that means that Capper, or Owen, or yours truly can get in the game, right??)

And when RedStates says "activist", they mean "activist":

...Ms. Nourse thinks that the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore and that DC v. Heller wrongly found an individual right to bear arms in the Constitution. The second is merely muddleheaded thinking on her part; the first is, of course, crazy-talk… assuming that the title of her article (“VARIETIES OF NEW LEGAL REALISM: CAN A NEW WORLD ORDER PROMPT A NEW LEGAL THEORY?”) hadn’t already given that away. Still, if we kept all the 2000 stolen election conspiracy theorists on the Left out of consideration for judicial nominations then the Democrats would probably complain bitterly. More bitterly.

A little 'crazy talk,' a little Rabidly Anti-2A.  Wassamatta with that?

Senator Johnson is exercising the very same power which various (D) Senators exercised during the Presidency of GWBush.  They did that forty-one times, by the way.

Thanks, RoJo!  And keep up the good work!

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