Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rep Ryan: Are You Listening?

Just a dose of reality.

It would make sense to shut down the U.S. Department of Transportation and let states handle its functions, a Republican congressman said recently during a radio interview.

Appearing late last week on a radio show in his home state, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) agreed with the host of the program that the DOT was a "middleman" in transportation projects ...

The Feds get 15-25% which pays for bureaucrats.  Who needs that?

Yes, inter-state projects and national standards should exist.  That takes about 500 people.  Put them over in Commerce.


Steveo said...

Well, when the Feds give the States money for "local" road projects that are done by the counties then they take G&A markups of similar percent PLUS fees for design review and inspections. If that money somehow gets filtered to the really local municipality through the counties, they add THEIR G&A and fees. So... by the time the money gets put to concrete or asphalt it's depreciated by about 40-50%.

Add on top of that the fed and state requirements for environmental impact reports, water quality reports, storm water detention and management and the hundred other requirements the money gets really small in a hurry.

That's effective!

Gregory said...

Feds should not give money to the states to begin with.
Thats the problem. That money should never go through the FEDS hands to begin with. It should all stay with in the state. All roads should be funded at the state level. Period. Tell me, Should we have one disasterous idea for all 50 states, or 50 competing ideas, and the smarter states pick the best idea from
50 competing states? TOO much big gov't!
Also many folks can afford to go to there state gov't to protest, who many can afford to go to DC when it is needed. We need to reduce the Federal gov't to 1/4 its current size.