Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"No Contact" With Citizen Action, Sandy?

MediaTrackers is having fun with this.

Where's Chisholm, the District Attorney?

“I have not had no [sic] contact with them about any political activities or any political plans that they’ve been making. I cut off contact with them.” --Rep. Sandy Pasch


A number of the more than 1,500 e-mails obtained were from Robert Kraig, the executive director of Citizen Action, to his board members. Kraig used Pasch’s official e-mail address quite frequently when updating her on what Citizen Action of Wisconsin was doing, and what actions the board of directors needed to take.

One particularly fascinating exchange took place from June 1 through June 5 between a Citizen Action staffer, Jennifer Epps, and Pasch’s aide, Fred Ludwig. Citizen Action was looking to film promotional statements by liberal lawmakers opposed to Gov. Walker’s proposed reform to the Wisconsin Shares program. The exchange includes both sides working to nail down a time for Pasch to record the video statement, and also finds the Citizen Action staffer offering some helpful insight into a way Pasch could get on a radio show at WMCS to promote the issue.

Nothing to see here move along, eh, Sandy?

Other e-mails discovered include talking points sent to Pasch’s office by Citizen Action of Wisconsin on February 12...

Theory: Wasserman didn't run because he wouldn't associate with this crowd.

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Don't forget to send in your absentee ballot Aug. 11.