Monday, August 15, 2011

The "License Required" Scam, Reworked for Trucking

Yup.  When 'all the big boys' love the rule, you can be sure that it stinks.  Take Obozo's new fuel standards for heavy trucks (please!!)...

ATA's Publicity Director, Sean McNally, says this is a great example of how regulation should work that is mutually beneficial.  "All the regulations at the end of the day inure to our benefit."  He claims their association tries to stay at the cutting edge of safety and efficiency. "We couldn't be happier that the Obama administration and the federal government have decided to move forward with this," said McNally. 

Deborah Solomon in the WSJ says the White House secured support for the heavy-truck standard from the industry, which is backing the move.  Joe Rajkovacz, the Director of Regulatory Affairs at the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) says that is not the case.  He explained how his members at OOIDA will be very negatively impacted by this legislation and points out that nearly 96 percent of registered motor carriers in the U.S. operate 20 or fewer trucks.

In other words, the little guy does the BOHICA because his Government (and his competitors) don't want competition.

By the way, ATA also asked for 65 MPH limit and e-governors to make it happen.  


Recall the Jimmuh Carter days?  The 55 MPH limit?  It was the best thing ever to happen to truck-and-trailer manufacturers.  Understand that trucking is similar to a conveyor belt.  If a fixed number of goods MUST move from one end to the other and the speed of the belt is reduced, that means that more items must be placed on the belt (more trucks and trailers) OR the capacity of each carrier must increase (larger GVW limits.)

Gee!  Surprise!!

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