Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Gwen Moore Was NOT "Late"

A friend sends this heads-up:

“Some CBC Members Will “Abstain” and Vote “Late” on Debt Deal. Many members of the CBC will vote late tonight and wait until they know their votes either “matter” or don’t “matter” for tonight’s debt ceiling vote. The vote is expected to pass. Many CBC members are expected to vote yes. They include Reps. Jim Clyburn, Chaka Fattah and Hank Johnson. Others will vote NO. They include Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr, Bobby Scott, and Barbara Lee.”

Same writer, next day:

“We’re screwed,” said Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin .

What's curious is this: she COULD have voted 'no' without changing the result. She COULD have voted 'yes' without changing the result, too.

So she must be feeling some heat from her district--to vote "yes."

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