Monday, August 01, 2011

The "Deal"--and What Could Have Been

This re-states what Limbaugh mentioned a week ago.

...Look at it this way: if Congress had reached a deal to simply freeze everything – nothing in the federal government is cut, but nothing grows, either – it would be considered a $9 trillion spending cut by the Congressional Budget Office, thanks to the magic of “baseline budgeting.” Obama’s bloated, worst-in-history spending is the new normal, so anything less is described as a “cut.” In the plain English used by American citizens, a 10-year spending reduction of $9 trillion would be a “freeze,” and anything over $9 trillion would be a “cut.”

So 1/2 of 1/3 of the Gummint accomplished...............?

$76Bn/year for 10 years.

HT: Cold Fury


J. Strupp said...

You're nuts. Your boys got a sweet deal.

They got to keep their historically low income tax rates and, in exchange, they got to knock off another couple points from 2012 GDP assuring that unemployment will stay well above 8% through the next election. Then they can talk about cutting taxes for "job creators" to eliminate "uncertainty" thus offsetting everything they just cut which should give them the ammo they need to "fix" social security.

Sounds like a sweet ass deal to me there buddy.

Dad29 said...

They got to keep their historically low income tax rates

Until 1/1/2013