Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The DC MInd, Part 142,005

Oh, yah.  Times are really, really, really tough.  There's just NOPLACE where the FedGov can save a few bucks.  None.  (Other than just cutting Social Security and Medicare to zero, of course, and doing away with the entire USMC and.....while we're at it.....the USAF).

See?  No place left to cut!!

Ace quotes Kaus who found this gem:

Many of them seem like the sort of job a private firm, in a financial crisis like the feds are in, would consolidate with another job or leave unfilled. (The first one that jumps out is the “Associate Administrator for Administration” at the Department of Transportation, which pays $119,554 to $179,700. It seems that this person will do administrative work to maintain the layer of bureaucracy that “coordinates” the DOTs research programs. The new hire will also give “advice and assistance in directing, coordinating, controlling” etc. this little fiefdom. You don’t have to be Peter Drucker to realize that this position does not have to exist.)

[Hell, you don't even have to know what OrgDevel means...]

The rest of Ace's post is a great slash/burn job on the DC Mind.  Worth the read.

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