Monday, August 08, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 121,447

(These are too damned easy to find.)

Y'all remember cryptosporidium?  Caused a mild panic in Milwaukee, right?  And the Water Works fixed it with a relatively inexpensive ozone treatment.  *Boom* End of problem.

Well, NYC has had a few crypto cases.  And the EPA has a solution!!

Notwithstanding this very low likelihood of getting sick from NYC water, the EPA has ordered the city to build a new Star Wars-style facility that will blast its water with ultra-violet (UV) rays. Like the Death Star, it will be the largest facility of its kind in the known universe (no joke!).

The EPA has even gone so far as to order New York to build a roof over one of its reservoirs to prevent the unlikely contamination by crypto.

Sounds reasonable until you realize that this is no ordinary roof: it will be the largest roof of its kind in the world; a mighty “eco-dome” that will cover what is essentially a 90-acre lake. It would be like building a roof over much of the Vatican City, and it will cost a small fortune.

The costs of this eco-fanaticism are extraordinary: The UV facility has an estimated cost of $1.42 billion, while the eco-dome will cost $1.6 billion.

You won't find me crying over NYC's problems, largely because I think NYC IS the problem when DC is not occupying that space.

But NYC should be asking the Codevilla question:  "Who the Hell do you think you ARE?"

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