Monday, August 08, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 110,771

We mentioned that Montana folks noticed this asinine "comments" item.

Wisconsin people did, too.

Tim Strobel has been driving a tractor for 20 years, so he's a bit puzzled that federal officials are kicking around an idea that could ultimately force him - and anyone else operating farm machinery - to get a commercial driver's license.

...The U.S. Department of Transportation has been collecting public comments on the notion, which the agency insists doesn't yet merit being called a "proposal."

But it's far enough along that the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, state Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel, and a bipartisan group of 21 U.S. senators, among others, are speaking out against it.

This is the "Mind" which is "Elite, Educated, and Oh-So-Much-More-Intelligent" than you.

No, that "Mind" never met common sense--but that doesn't matter; the Mind was educated at Hah-vahd, or Yale, or some other place where all the better "Minds" are educated.

The additional public safety gained from increased federal regulation is unclear at best, but the additional costs for farmers would come at a time when they could least afford them, Brancel said in a letter to federal officials.

In one scenario, farmers hauling grain to local elevators would be treated as if they were engaged in interstate commerce because grain, in many cases, eventually leaves the state.

As Prof. Codevilla said:  "Who the Hell do you think you ARE?"


Anonymous said...

Good Candidate for "DC Mind" series

jimspice said...

Another urban legend:

jimspice said...

Well, at least you're not the only source to continue to push it:

Dad29 said...

Uh, Jimbo:

Asking for 'comments' is the usual initial step in proposing new regs.

The fact that some BOZO actually took it far enough to "ask for comment" tells me that my post is accurate; the DC "mind" is still in full-zombie mode.