Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 103,667

Not exactly DC, but the Mind spreads like oil over water. Or like kudzu, or sewer rats....take your pick.

The shingles that Andrew Espey put up two years ago are holding up well, but the legal battle that came with them is far from over.

It all started when Espey decided to re–shingle his roof after discovering a leak.

Espey says, "The building inspector came along and told me I couldn't do it. He told me I had to quit and take off the shingles and start over because they have a code."

A Minnesota state residential code says that new asphalt shingles cannot be installed without first removing exist shingles, and on one section of the roof Espey was installing new shingles over the old.

Espey says, "They didn't tell me I couldn't overlay shingles when I got my permit...I didn't even know they had such a code."

Thirty days in slam (reduced for health reasons) and fines.......still unpaid.

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