Friday, August 05, 2011

Dale Schultz, Crybaby, Trying to Keep His Job

Dale Schultz, a Lefty state senator, cries and whimpers in an attempt to keep his job as a senator.

Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz said this week he was "decoyed" on Feb. 17 by Gov. Scott Walker into missing a key chance on the Senate floor to put in play a compromise on Walker's plan to eliminate most union bargaining for public employees.

Schultz acknowledged that he had no proof of the governor's intent and that he didn't ask the Senate to reconsider its action later that day on Walker's budget-repair bill or use another opportunity the following week to introduce his amendment.

Hell, other than that, he was really, really, really, trying hard!

Schultz is married to a school official.

So it's possible that he's also trying to ........ahhh......sleep in his marital bed, so to speak.

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