Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Curious Case of Rep. Clark

Binversie found a very curious little nugget.

Fred "The Threatener" Clark (D) of Baraboo just sold his home.Link

That's not curious.

He sold it for around $100 grand more than the assessed value.

That's not necessarily curious--but it's interesting.

He sold it to an LLC using an attorney from the Twin Cities as the registered agent.

That's ...............interesting, too.

The LLC gives an office address in Hudson, WI.

That's no big deal.

The address is the residence of a woman who supports Republicans.


The woman has never heard of the attorney, or the LLC. Has no friggin' idea what's going on with this property-stuff.

THAT, my friends, IS curious.

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Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

Poor guy, these stories never end well....