Monday, August 15, 2011

"Choice" Bites, Eh?

WEAC is now a union, but its members may choose to depart its envelope.

As a result, it's laying off 40+ workers.  That's not a good thing, by the way, but it was inevitable.

And all that noise the Left makes about "choice"--you know, killing babies--kinda echoes in the half-empty rooms at WEAC offices.


jimspice said...

Without negotiation powers, they're just another lobbying firm.

Anonymous said...

Without forced dues collection, nobody wants them around.


jimspice said...

It's a free rider issue in the Classical sense but no one cares so fuck it.

Dan said...

How many union cut their salaries to keep some employees employed? Umm, probably none?All the union leaders want to do is keep their lavish lifestyles and screw everyone else.

Amy said...

The unions have always made it clear that when it comes to making concessions versus layoffs, they prefer layoffs to paying more for insurance or pensions.

People are choosing not to pay union dues, and while I feel bad for people losing their jobs in this terrible economy, I'd rather employees have the freedom not to have their money extorted from them for Democrat campaigns via forced dues and union membership.

neomom said...

Negotiating power? With the friends/politicians bought and paid for?

Jon Corzine - D-NJ.. "“I want to be a voice for labor,”

What about all the other non-union folks who are taxpayers