Friday, August 19, 2011


Evidently Greta VanSusteren, our Wisconsin gift to Fox News, sorta *hearts* Orrin Hatch, sitting RINO from Utah.

Malkin disagrees.  The table's set, folks; the fun begins!

Van Susteren’s sloppy blog post (which doesn’t include a single hyperlink) provides erroneous facts about the Tea Party movement, erroneous characterizations of the core Tea Party agenda, and erroneous analysis of Hatch’s fiscal record after three decades in office. After insinuating that unprincipled motives are fueling those who oppose Hatch, she wraps up with a rather specious conclusion that based on Hatch’s creaky old support for the balanced budget amendment, she “would think that fact alone would make him the champion (the visionary?) of the Utah Tea Party.”
She ends with a question: “Am I wrong?”

Flabbergastingly so.

This will be entertaining, as Congress is on recess.

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