Friday, August 05, 2011

"Catholicism" to Go National From Chicago PBS

Egads. Cats/dogs, lions/lambs.....and all that.

WTTW, Chicago’s premier public television station, announced that it will premiere and distribute four episodes of Catholicisma multi-part documentary series for public television – in October 2011 to public television stations nationwide. This epic television production illustrates the history and treasures of a global religion shared by more than one billion people around the world. The series is filmed in stunning high-definition and spans more than 50 locations in 15 countries.

Maybe Channel 10/36 will pick it up, too.

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Aquinas said...

I'm one of a fortunate few who've seen this in pre-release. It's breathtakingly good. And Fr. Barron is astonishing—articulate, orthodox without being stodgy, and forthright. This is great stuff. You can actually pre-order it to own (donate it your parish for use in their RCIA or religious ed programs PLEASE!)

To pre-order: