Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banning Grim From England

Scratch one destination from Grim's Bucket ListEngland

Since 1964 self-defense has not been considered a good reason to keep a handgun, even if for those who lived in a remote area. Then in 1998 all handguns were banned. Toy or replica guns are also illegal. A man was arrested for holding two burglars with a toy gun while he contacted the police.

More recently knives with points have been made illegal. A list of prohibited weapons, possession of which carries a 10-year prison sentence, includes not only machine guns but chemical sprays and knives with a blade more than three inches long.

Ah, well.  Italy's nice in late Fall.


Grim said...

Seriously? Knives with points?

Amy said...

We see how effective those laws were against the rioters burning London to the ground.

Buildings that survived the Blitz can't survive the inevitable collapse of the socialist nanny state.

Next up: Prohibition against flammable materials.