Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachmann: Really?

Two different events, but related.

A couple of weeks ago, Bachmann very publicly "quit" the Wisconsin Lutheran church over a relatively obscure teaching of WELS that the Pope(s) are the anti-Christ.  (That's not the precise formulation, but you get the idea.)  Frankly, most WELS members don't even know about that teaching, and WELS officials are quick to downplay it.  Further, Bachmann was attending a non-denom Christian church for years.

She folded like a cheap tent.

Now appears on the O'Reilly show and evades a question about 'raising the age' for Social Security eligibility.  AmSpec's Goldstein, who is a friendly, didn't think too much of her dodging.

If Ms. Bachmann wishes to be the President, she damn well ought to have a conviction or two and be willing to state them clearly.

Otherwise, what we have here is just another politician.


Tim Morrissey said...

Remove the first word of your concluding sentence and you've nailed it.

Anonymous said...

out of pertinent curiosity Dad, are you old enough to be receeiving or are you receiving SS?

FYI, I'm not, but my guess is by the time retirement rolls around for me (presuming the world's not in a community organized shambles), the eligibility age will be raised. And I;m o.k. with that.

Dad29 said...

I will not retire.

That answer your question?

Terrence Berres said...

"Frankly, most WELS members don't even know about that teaching, and WELS officials are quick to downplay it."

Dad29, aren't you, like me, so old that you can remember a time when we had to concede that at least the WELS believed what it believed?

Dad29 said...

I remember when WELS was actively and vigorously opposed to the Boy Scouts--which they may still be.

And yes, I recall that my Pappy told me that they were 'inimical' to the Catholic church.

But I've met a lot of those folks and cannot find any semblance of that kind of thinking. I can also tell you of a specific incident which almost directly contradicts the "anti-Christ" teaching--and that incident happened around 25 years ago.

Of course, at one time, Catholics believed what they believed.

Anonymous said...

WELS still opposes the boy scouts.

Doesn't matter if it is the last bastion outside of the church that is still morally and ethically positive.

Doesn't matter how many youths it pulls out of the gangster lifestyle in Philly, Chicago, etc..

So frankly, WELS does not matter.