Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Democrat Playbook in Minnesota, Soon to be National

This will be re-played nationwide when Obozo doesn't get his way on the debt-ceiling.

...Dayton obviously wants the shutdown to inflict maximum pain in order to increase his political leverage over Republicans. That’s a story that Star Tribune has somehow missed in its wall to wall coverage of the shutdown.

The Pubbies of VikingLand issued a statement which is very telling:

“Tonight he imposed an unbalanced $0 budget on the state despite the willingness of Legislators to pass a clean, two-page temporary funding bill.

...Negotiations were never about what was best for Minnesotans; the play was the thing with Gov. Dayton feigning an attitude of compromise when in reality he had no intention of signing a budget bill that was not complete capitulation on a tax increase, increased spending and an unprecedented growth of government.

If I were LtGov Kleefisch and/or Paul Jadin, I'd be trolling the Land of 10,000 Lakes 24x7.

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