Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sure Enough: Schultz and Cullen Propose "Illuminati-Method" SCOWI

Cullen is a Democrat who's not very comfortable with the current-edition Democrats. Schultz will never be memorialized as a conservative.

So they got together in a tree, and a love-child emerges: "appointment-method" Supreme Court for Wisconsin.

The idea is that a group of Wise Men will meet in a room. They will nominate a few folks for SCOWI appointment. Then the Governor will select one of the nominees, secure State Senate approval, and *BINGO* we have a new SCOWI member.

See? No elections, none of that hoi polloi-"voters" crap, no ads, no nasty stuff...

.....and no discussion of whether the Selected Ones will actually follow the plain language of the Wisconsin Constitution, nor any foofoodust about "judicial philosophy" regarding crime, contracts, or stuff like that.

....and no discussion of to whom the Selected Ones owe their nomination or appointment, either, right?

Yah. Right.

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