Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Non-Walker State Employee Plan

In Walker's Wisconsin, State employment will actually grow. There will be less take-home pay for State employees, but they will still have a Lamborghini health-insurance package; they will still have a fixed-benefit retirement package; and--after some changes in "pre-tax/post-tax" deductions for health, the paycheck may be reasonable.

Not the same in Illinois.

The Department of Central Management Services has just sent a memo to agency directors decreeing that pay raises mandated by union contracts in 14 state “departments, boards, authorities and commissions” cannot and should not be paid.

Walker could have done that.

Ticker also notes that the US Treasury apparently defaulted on a coupon-payment to the SocSec/Medicare trust fund.

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Anonymous said...

So much for the market forces to dictate what is and what is not "fair".

Dad29 said...

As though "the market" had anything at all to do with public-employee compensation?

Foust makes more intelligent comments than you do, twerp.

John Foust said...

Yeah, but I don't call people names in the course of my argument.

Which behavior would your favorite nun say it would be better for Anony to emulate?