Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That Budget Surplus? Yup. Tax/Fee Increases, Too

Most of you recall the Bad Old Days when the State of Wisconsin's gas tax simply went up every year.

Well, the Legislature played the same game (just a variation) this time with Homestead Tax relief. Starting this fiscal year, there will be no 'inflation adjustment' of the formula, meaning that the homestead credit will be diminishing in real dollars as inflation occurs. Cost to you? Around $10.5 million in '12/'13.

Buying a car? A $9.00 increase in the title fee (to $62.00). But the "Environmental Impact Fee" of $9.00 will be eliminated--good news!

We mentioned yesterday that the Joint Finance Committee's budget will INCREASE the number of State employees, which is disturbing. Perhaps the Governor's attention will be focused on "lean management" during the next three years.

Otherwise, we have the Same Old S&^%--lots and lots and lots of State employees, finding ways to keep themselves busy---on your tab.

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