Sunday, June 12, 2011

Steve Martin Remains Funny!

Martin resists acting his age (in contrast to Eastwood), but he remains funny, and a polymath.

Here, he wrote and performed a song for atheists. And it's funny.

I'm sure Folkbum will be wailing this out some Friday night. Or not.

HT: PowerLine


Jeff Miller said...

I don't follow many celebrity twitter feeds, but I do follow Steve Martin - he is consistently funny and a pleasant lefty.

I've linked to his music video you linked before and it is pretty funny though I don't buy the premise. Atheist pretty much have all the songs now on the radio and of course songs like John Lennon's Imagine are typical atheist anthems. Plus there tons of atheist rock bands where atheism is a major theme - Bad Religion, Rise Against, Tool, etc. Though I have to admit these bands our also in my music collection.

John Foust said...

Looking for more Lehrer-esque songs? Try Roy Zimmerman.