Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soon to Be Run Out of Madistan

Kevin found a nugget from a future refugee-from-Madistan:

“While I don't agree with everything the Republicans are doing at the State Capitol, their actions are not shameful. These are democratically elected officials pursuing legislation that a large percentage of their constituents support. It's hard to believe this here in the bubble of Madison, but lots of people across this state (maybe even a majority) support Walker, and all that he's trying to do.”---Phil Hands, WI State Journal cartoonist

So happens that the term "bubble" is absolutely accurate. You have to be in Madistan regularly to understand Hands' contention, which is another iteration of the Dreyfus "10 square miles..." quip.

Think otherwise?

Then how do all those "conservative" Pubbies 'splain the fact that the Joint Finance/Walker budget actually ADDS new full-time State employees?

It's in the water, people.

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