Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Solidarity Forever!!!

What Union Folks need is teamwork.

A child welfare worker who impregnated an emotionally troubled woman he had investigated for child abuse ordered the woman to get an abortion or she would lose everything, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court and an interview with the woman's attorney.

...the complaint says, bureau caseworkers remained assigned to Nealy's case as it made its way through Children's Court.

The complaint alleges that bureau caseworkers "attempted to intimidate (Nealy) from complaining about Nelsen's conduct, by threatening to terminate her parental rights."

Those are rights that the AFSCME bargained for, right?

...A few days after the Journal Sentinel story ran that August, the complaint says, three bureau social workers went to Nealy's home.

"They demanded to know why she was causing trouble and demanded that she 'drop the case' against Nelsen," the complaint says.

More "bargained rights"!!! The right to assault! The right to snatch babies!! The right to harass and intimidate victims!!!

AND the "right to a license, no matter the law!!!"

...The statement also says that "the Department immediately took action to terminate his employment when his inappropriate behavior was discovered."

But though the DCF was required to report Nelsen's behavior in a timely fashion to the state licensing board, a subsequent investigation by the Journal Sentinel found that it did not do so until after it was contacted by the paper.

Nelsen's social work license was at last revoked in September 2009.

Nelsen was last sighted in a tent near the Capitol in Madistan.

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