Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Road Repairs: Who Does 'Em?

There are more questions than answers here.

Local and state officials have lined up in opposition to a state budget amendment they say is likely to drive up local road costs by banning equipment sharing and mandating private companies be hired for certain work

That's the headline graf. Here's the "other side":

Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association President Pat Goss said the amendment phases in a requirement that any job with federal funding and then two years later, state funding, that costs more than $100,000 be put out to bid. It won't end county maintenance programs nor does the amendment prohibit locally funded road projects

Any time the RoadBuilders want something, little red flags pop up and wave all over the landscape.

This should come out of the Budget and be considered separately.


jimspice said...

Yay for local control!

John Foust said...

This couldn't possibly be a hand-out to conservative road-builders, could it?