Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Question is "Professionalism"

Foofoo dust from all parties.

On Monday evening, the Green Bay School Board listened to the concerns of Green Bay Area School District teachers and staff about their concerns regarding the addition of an extra 30 minutes to the school day, going from 7.5 hours to 8 hours. --Sykes quoting GBPress-Gazette

The question is "professionalism", folks.

If the teachers are "professionals," they work until the work is done. That can be done at school, OR at home--or any other suitable place.

So requiring 8 hours "in the building" is not necessary, if the people are "professionals."

But then, FIRING incompetent professionals should also be very simple. Here's all you should need:

"You're FIRED!!!"


Deekaman said...

They are covered by a LaborContract negotiated via their Labor Union. They are not "Professionals", they are "Labor".

Dad29 said...

I know that, too.

Seems to me that they can pick whichever they want, but they'll have to live with the results.

Labor? Fine. Then put in 8 hours.

Professional? Fine. They can be fired.