Friday, June 03, 2011

Pubbie Panders in Madison

We shouldn't be surprised that Madistan's Ruling Class is about the same as DC's Ruling Class.

Overbearing know-it-all pandering Elites....who can't keep their hands out of local matters.

Milwaukee taxpayers would have to pay wages and benefits for some fired cops while they appealed their dismissals under a provision Republicans tucked into the state budget early Friday.

...Police officers would have their pay cut off immediately upon their dismissal only if they were fired for conduct that also resulted in felony charges or Class A or Class B misdemeanor charges. For those who violated department rules or engaged in behavior that did not result in serious charges, they would have to be paid while they fought their dismissal...

I don't live in Milwaukee and don't have a dog in this fight; but the principle is the same as is the principle on "residency requirements." The State, by and large, should keep its nose out of local affairs. Period.


jimspice said...

If violation of local control is an issue for you, you must be having 2nd thoughts by this time. Or 3rd, or 4th or 15th.

Dad29 said...

Obviously, there are some issues which are NOT best 'locally controlled.'

The "prop tax controls" were wrong when Thompson and Chvala did them, and wrong now.

But no, I have ZERO interest in the (D) version of pandering, sorry.