Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hey! You Fitzgerald Boys! MORE Good Legislation!

Well, they finished the budget--mostly--and are within 30 days of seeing Act 10 go into force.

CCW's almost a law, Voter ID's in and done, and a number of other small and large reforms and fixes are in the bag.

What's next?

This week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed a law that will help free Lone Star State businesses from the threat of frivolous lawsuits by enacting “loser-pays” tort reform. Prior to the legislation, litigants faced a no-lose situation, while defendants stood to lose everything—even for the most outrageous, bizarre and wrongful accusations. --Hot Air quoting Chuck Norris

Personally, I'd pay $5.00 to watch HabushHabushHabushHabushHabush and his clones living in Tent City/Madistan.

Will there be assigned spaces for his Mercedes?

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Anonymous said...

There's so much more they can do to make this a wonderful state open for business and eliminate the tyranny of the doyle regime.

Eliminating the minimum markup bill, that should be a no-brainer. that would help ease the pain at the gas pump due to the obama recession.

More on preventing voter fraud, eliminating same day registration and requiring a DL/State ID instead of a college ID. Too many students e.g live in MKE, go to Madison for revolution training, get an absentee ballot for MKE and then vote locally in Madison using college id. They need to revisit this issue.

Requiring e-verify with severe punishments for businesses that hire illegals.
Investigate medicaid fraud and require all public assistance recipients to be drug tested, along with anyone who is receiving unemployment for more than 6 months.