Thursday, June 09, 2011

Gentlemen, Place Your Bets--and Buy More Ammo

Ron Paul bets against it.

Al Hunt: Do you think Congress will pass an Extension.

Ron Paul: I do. This will go up until the last minute, then they will raise the debt ceiling. --Vox quoting Mish

Ron Paul is also dour about the "10-Year Plans" for debt reduction.

He's betting the Inflation Card all the way.

Erickson's take?

News reports have emerged indicating that that “dollar for dollar” cuts to spending promised as part of a grand bargain to increase the debt ceiling may be pro-rated over 10, 20 or even 25 years. It is easy for politicians to promise future cuts to spending when many of these politicians cutting the deal will be long gone from Washington, DC.

IOW, it's back to business-as-usual from the PIG (Party In Government) cretins.

Buy more ammo.


Billiam said...

About to purchase a Springfield Arms 45XD w/5in barrel. Nice pistol...

Dad29 said...

VERY nice pistol. Kid #3 has one of them and it is dead-on accurate out of the box. Impressive!

Billiam said...

A buddy is selling his. Only 800 rds through it. $500.00. I can't talk his wife into selling me her Sig though..

Mr. Tastic said...

$500.00?!? Tell your friend I'll offer him $550.00! ;)

I'll stick with my Springfield v16 .45 Super Long Slide.

jimspice said...

Speaking of potential federal default and guns...did you hear that State Rep. Litjens is introducing bill outlining an emergency contingency plan for WI should the feds go insolvent? So far, it just deals with making ends meet on an agency by agency basis, but perhaps they'll take the route being discussed in MO -- hoarding gold and asserting sovereignty. Seriously.

Ever considered moving to MO?