Tuesday, June 21, 2011

EPA's "$2Trillion Savings" Is Fact-Challenged

Most people understand that if a statement is non-falsifiable, it's not necessarily a true statement.

EPA hopes you don't know that when you read their report which says that tightening their regulations will "save $2Trillion" over 20 years.

...Diane Katz, research fellow in regulatory policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, raised a number of concerns.

“The report is astonishing for a variety of reasons—not the least of which is the enormous discrepancy between the Obama Administration’s numbers and those of a similar previous study by the Clinton Administration EPA, which pegged the economic benefits of the act to be $170 billion (or 91 percent less than the Obama EPA’s estimates),” Katz wrote.

“This magnitude of difference is explained by the unreliable assumptions underlying the Obama EPA’s wildly inflated claims.”

Lisa Jackson & Co. are essentially making it up as they go along. Bad enough that we pay them for that "work," let alone letting them proceed on their CO2 plans.

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