Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Endangered Re-Election Causes Less Regulations


Obozo will run as a "not-A" candidate (really an outstanding essay by Ace...)

Therefore, he will continue NOT to do a damn thing while in office (except alienate the US from all its allies and suck up to all the other Statist/Marxist/Islamists in the world, because only the US economy matters in an election.)

The proposed "boiler MACT rules" were suddenly and unexpectedly yanked last month,

Then on Monday of this week the EPA announced a two-month delay in releasing its long-awaited proposed rules for curtailing greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.

...this morning comes the news of a delay in producing new regulations to implement the Dodd-Frank legislation affecting the financial industry, even though the law mandates that it take effect one month from now. From the sound of the news accounts, the regulators are having difficulty figuring out rules that make any sense...

LinkSo reports PowerLine.

As to PowerLine's headline-question: yes, the regulatory State has reached its 'cognitive limits', if you mean that continuing regulation will be irrational--that is, non-cognitive.

But it has not, by ANY means, reached its end. For that 'end,' please see the (now-defunct) Soviet Union, or North Korea.

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