Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Democrats Forcing $250++K in Recall Costs

Easily $250K, probably $750K when all the outstate numbers are added up.

That's the cost of the Democrats' Union-Needs recall elections.

Kudos to Channel 12!


Gregory said...

Its all about them isn't it?

Is there a way they can force those expenses back on them?

Why should the overtaxed payer pay for their chicanery?

Fr. Robert A. Sirico has it right when he poses this question:

Here's the question Catholics need to ask themselves: Are the unions I support of the same type that are idealized in Catholic social teaching? Or have they changed to the point where they are unions in name only but actually just political machines for coercing workers and extracting money through the political process?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of malarky, Gregory. It isn't just unions, it's also the big business. Sirico is dead wrong.