Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Democrat Operating Manual on Shutdowns

PowerLine reports that Minnesota is wrestling with its budget.

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota legislature are engaged in an epic budget battle. By law, the budget for the coming biennium must balance. The governor demands big spending increases and tax increases to pay for them. Republican majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate resist spending increases that require tax increases. A state government shutdown is looming, despite the governor's campaign promise not to shut down the state government in order to force tax increases.

...There is a dirty little secret at the heart of the budget battle. Governor Dayton not only wants a shutdown, he wants a shutdown that is as painful as possible.

We are reminded that President Disaster threatened to stop paying the US Military if Congress did not accede to his spending demands--and most likely will pull the same stunt if the debt-limit is not increased.

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