Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Corrupt FDR

Think of it: for 50 years, Democrats have been telling us this guy is their role-model/saint.

It now looks like the Roosevelt administration was not only morally and factually wrong in making the decision, but plainly dishonest in defending it.

And his house-lawyer was complicit.


Other Side of My Mouth said...

Doesn't change the fact that 98% of Republicans are racists.

Anonymous said...

"98% of Republicans are racists"

Pure BS injected by someone unable to defend FDR's raciat actions outlined by the facts presented in the linked article.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

How self-righteous, I mean noble, of you, Dad29, to point out the dastardly act of a past Democratic administration. I'm glad you are able to play coach potato historian and draw your conclusion on the basis of this action alone without considering the prevailing mood of the country at that time. A blemish on FDR's record, to be sure, but to imply that he was "corrupt" overall is sheer

It is akin to saying that Pope Pius XII played a pivotal role in the genocide of Jews during World War II. Documents suggest he was not only aware of the details of several horrific events unfolding in Germany and Poland, he was also directly petitioned by several individuals and groups that implored him to intervene and make a public statement condemning the atrocities.

However, to be fair, he opened the Holy See to Jewish refugees during the Nazi occupation of Rome in September 1943 and also was responsible for organizing the network of priests who spirited Jews to safe havens.

Word of the day, Dad29--> context.

Anonymous said...

Other Side Of My Mouth--Your statement is absurd and foolish. From anony 10:32 a.m.

Dad29 said...

Context: FDR also imprisoned Italians for being Italian.

He was an excellent race-monger.

THAT is "context."

J. Strupp said...

Who the hell thinks that Roosevelt was a saint! Roosevelt had communists within his own inner circle. He had no problem taking the pipe to the financial industry and to the moguls that dominated his era. Hell, I don't think I even have to mention his outright illegal "interventions" in Supreme Court affairs during his day. And yes, his actions during the early days of WWII were outragous. I don't think anyone would question this. The guy was ruthless in every aspect.

Oh and he led this country through the most tramatic era in world history paving the road to the some 50 years of American prosperity and was more beloved during his Presidency than any other President in history.

Anonymous said...

Context--You enable deranged anony posters to dehumanize your blogging opponents. That would put you on the same level, using your own criteria, with FDR.

Remember, FDR was not the only person who thought the exclusion order was absolutely necessary for the safety of the country. His own generals were insisting that he make that decision. Recall, too, that the Supreme Court upheld the exclusion order, and that decision has never (officially) been overturned.

What would you do if millions of lives were in your hands and the people most able to know were telling you the only way to save them was to imprison an entire group of people?

Wait, don't tell me, I already know the answer.

Was interning the Japanese morally reprehensible? Absolutely! Yet, American citizens or not, the general consensus by our population during World War II was that people of Japanese ancestry were more closely tied to their country of ethnic origin than they were to their new homeland.

Unfortunately, xenophobia part of the American heritage: examples...nativists "suspicions" of the Irish in the 1850's, the Chinese in the 1880's, and Eastern/Southern Europeans in the 1920's. Americans in those decades felt strongly that these groups of people posed a significant threat to our way of life.

Feel free to condemn our fellow patriots for their prejudice and racist attitudes, as well as those Christian explorers who pillaged and plundered Native Americans and Africans. They were excellent race mongerers.

Dad29 said...

So, Anony, you propose that "patriots" are racists and racists are "patriots"?

My, my.

Anonymous said...

No, YOU are making that implication. Read for meaning.

What I am saying is that if you want to label FDR as a race mongerer, by all means, do so. But, using your own logic, you must also include a number of other fine citizens and statesmen as well.

Some patriots exhibited racist attitudes and behaviors. Abraham Lincoln, for example, said blacks and whites could never get along. Therefore, the races should be separate because whites are superior and blacks are inferior. However, he felt that blacks should be guaranteed fundamental freedoms. Lincoln was a product of the times in that he supported political, but not social, equality.

There were also racists who loved our country so much that they wanted to prevent it from being overrun by "undesirables" -or- sought to expand American interests overseas by incorporating "lesser" peoples. Example--Josiah Strong, who thought all races could be improved and uplifted and thereby brought to Christ, in part through colonization.

Dan said...

Of course, Tim, wou;ld know about racism and being a hater, don't you Tim, since you lead the world in boh catagories.